Occlusal Guards

At True Function Laboratory, we have an extensive variety of Night Guard designs and materials. You can choose from our Premium hard acrylic to the low cost Comfort H/S Splint. Your options are almost limitless. Pick from Thermoplastic to the comfortable dual laminate night guard. And don’t forget, the hard acrylic night guards can be customized with different colors, glitters and even glow in the dark qualities.
The True Function standard acrylic nightguard is articulated and balanced to the provided bite. Designed with slight anterior guidance and cuspid rise.
  • Full coverage
  • 2 ball clasps per side with full occlusal contact

Nightguard Material Options

Acrylic with ball clasps (color options available)

  • Great for arches with low retention or if the patient needs orthodontic retention.


  • Metal free and rigid, yet pliable in hot water. A doctor pleaser for reducing chair time

True Comfort

  • Soft inner material with a rigid exterior. A patient pleaser with it’s comfortable feel.


  • Thin vacuum-formed material.

Milled PMMA

  • Digitally designed and milled out of biocompatible material. A favorite for it’s glass-like, expensive look.

Milled Acetal

  • Digitally designed and milled out of very durable Acetal. Because of the durable material, this appliance can be thinner than other similar appliances.