About Us

True Function Laboratory

True Function Laboratory was founded with the concept of service, quality and predictability. And to this day, this continues to be our focus.

True Function’s philosophy is simple; to save you time and effort with every case. We realize that if we can achieve this, then we can develop a great working relationship with dental offices. We strongly believe that dental clinicians and staff should not have to spend a long time to adjust and deliver oral devices. We understand that your chair time is highly valuable and that your reputation is on the line with every patient. Our duty is to do our job as proficiently as possible so that you can care for your patient without having to compromise the efficacy of the treatment you provide.

At True Function Laboratory, we are constantly working to improve our service. We understand that a great dental laboratory has to be able to deliver more than just good workmanship. We have streamlined our production to reduce turnaround times. Most TMJ appliances and Night Guards are finished within 5 days in the laboratory. Most oral devices for OSA are completed in 5 days or less. Orthodontic appliances are finished in about 5 days. This quick turnaround allows you to help more patients sooner, and to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with our lab.