Warranty & Disclaimer

True Function Laboratory, Inc.
Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

True Function Laboratory, Inc. guarantees that devices are constructed to your prescription and specifications, will fit the working model provided or the working model created from the impression provided, and be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Due to factors out of our control, such as distorted models or impressions, we can only guarantee our fabrication technique and the materials used. Warranty coverage is only effective with the receipt of the original appliance, original models/and or impressions, and bite registration (if used in original manufacture of the device). All returns will be reviewed for warranty coverage upon receipt of the appliance along with the original model and/or impression.

True Function will evaluate all returns on the following criteria:

  • Receipt of broken or defective appliance without original model/impression. Any appliance that is returned without the original model will not be covered.
  • Assessment of defective material.
  • Assessment of defects in workmanship.

If a new appliance is ordered during the evaluation of the defective appliance while being worn by the patient until the new/repaired one is delivered, there will be a full charge for the replacement appliance.

True Function shall not be liable for any defects that are caused by neglect, misuse, or mistreatment of its products by any third party or for any product that has been altered or modified in any way by any entity other than Ture Function Laboratory, Inc.

If any of our products fail to conform to our warranty, True Function will repair or replace the product, at the lab’s discretion. Repaired and replacement products will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Repair / Remakes

Our goal is to repair or remake the device to the original prescription and design. If an office returns a case for a remake, the following items are required:

  1. Original models or impressions
  2. Original bite registration
  3. Original device
  4. New model or impression of arch device was made to and new opposing model if possible, distortion contributed to the device not fitting properly
  5. If bite is an issue, new bite registration

If the original device is not returned, a new device can be fabricated for a 20% discount. If the original device is returned after a new device has been made, please send all of the above items to determine whether a credit is due based on the following possible causes:

  1. Lab did not follow instructions or doctor’s specifications
  2. Device was not properly designed or finished having insufficient support causing distortion of breakage
  3. Office sent distorted impressions or models
  4. Office sent no original bite registration, or the bite was taken in an incorrect position.
  5. Office request for a change of design after the device is completed and delivered.

1. and 2., (Within the warranty period) repair, correct or remake at NO CHARGE will apply.
3., 4., and 5., repair, correct or remake at a 50% discount plus shipping will apply.

Warranty Period for Individual Appliances

The following chart gives the specific warranty period for individual appliances:

EMA 12 months
EMA 12 months
Essix Retainer 3 months
Glidewell Night Guard / Hard & Hard Soft 6 months
Night Guard / Acrylic – Premium* 24 months
Night Guard / Dual Laminate* 12 months
Night Guard / Thermoplastic* 12 months
Oasys** 24 months
Oasys Hinge Appliance 24 months
Orthodontic Expanders Active 3 months
Panthera 36 months
Passive Orthodontic Retainer (Except Essix) 12 months
Silencer / Not including Hinge 12 months
Tap 3 / dreamTAP 36 months
TMJ Splints* 6 months
TrueHerbst and TrueDorsal 24 months

* Warranty excludes the occlusal surface due to forces out of our control.
** Warranty does not include locking mechanism

These warranties apply only when the device breaks under normal use.