Quality Appliances

Whether your goal is to prepare a patient for FMR, to treat a pain patient or to protect a patient from teeth grinding, we can help.

True Function Laboratory is capable of fabricating just about any design of inter-occlusal appliance. And if you have a specific design preference, we can customize it to your needs.

Below are some of our most popular appliances and their typical uses. Please feel free to call with any questions.




Day Positioned (MORA)

Day Positioned Orthotic (Mora)

A mandibular repositioning orthotic, semi-anatomical. Available with up to 8 clasps. Allows patient to fully function during the day. Made in conjunction with a night appliance for ideal TMJ stabilization.

Neuromuscular Orthotic

Neuromuscular Orthotic

This is typically a Full Coverage Mandibular appliance with anatomical features. It is fabricated with Cuspid/Fossa Occlusal form, Cuspid rise and Anterior guidance.

This appliance is designed to allow the patient to function in an ideal physiological position. Typically, the bite registration provided is taken using a TENS unit & Jaw Tracker.

True Comfort Deprogrammer

True Comfort

This popular night orthotic, The True Comfort Anterior Deprogrammer, is exclusive to TFL. The soft inner lining does not require internal adjustments on delivery. Your patients will appreciate the ease of insertion and the absence of retention problems. The orthotic allows for contact on the four mandibular incisors and therefore reduces clenching, bruxing and the intensity of muscle contraction.