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Online Doctor Portal
True Function has teamed up with DDX to offer all offices a FREE Doctor Portal.
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TFL Doctor Portal offers:
  • Direct case entry, no more paper RXs
  • Real-time statuses and tracking for all cases
  • Online invoices and statements
  • Quick communications with TFL techs and Admins
  • Print UPS shipping labels to send in a case
  • Current promos and discounts
  • Documents Center with resources and videos
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Log in below and submit your case directly. If you want to access your full DDX account follow this link:
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Secrets to getting a perfect case back from TFL. Check out the Submitting a Case Guide Here.
True Function provides FREE 2-day shipping back to your office. Need to ship a case to True Function and don’t have a UPS or FedEx account? No problem! We can provide a label to you here and will charge for the shipping on your invoice. Take advantage of our super discounted shipping rates by clicking the button below.
For more Downloads and Resources, check out our FAQ and RXs page.