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What: Concentrated Cleaning Solution

ProDent breaks down tough build-up and thoroughly cleans dental products such as snore guards, retainers, dentures and sport guards, without scrubbing or agitation. Simply mix with tap water.

Why: 100% Safe and 100% Effective

ProDent Clean uses Empowered Oxygen and non-toxic ingredients to perform its magic. No harsh chemicals or machines are needed or used. Plus, it is a concentrated solution, which makes it economical.

Who: ProDent Clean, the company

We are a US based company, founded by a dentist, with the sole focus of positively improving the health and safety of our clients, and the planet.

Professional Use

  • Oder a Gallon Size
  • Refill for Chair-side
  • Replaces Ultrasonic Cleaning
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  • Resell 16oz bottles to patients
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Discontinued List

Dear Doctor and Team,
To streamline our products and services, we have decided to discontinue products that do not align with True Function’s main purpose.