Resource Documents

General Questions:

Can I quickly search for a patient’s case?

Absolutely! Just type the patient’s first or last name in the search bar. Any similar results will show. Click the case you are looking for.

Can I add other users for our DDX account?

Definitely! DDX is designed for you to have multiple users all with specific permissions.
  1. Click on the drop down arrow next to your name in the top right.
  2. Click the Users option on the left.
  3. Click the blue “+ Add” button
  4. Add a new user’s information. Then select their notification preferences and Lab permissions. For example, maybe you don’t want certain employees to be able to create cases, then you just need to uncheck the “New Case” box.

Can I look up the price of an appliance?

Absolutely! Just click on the Finances tab and then Price List.

Case Questions:

How can I pick my due date?

DDX automatically assigns a due date based on the date you are sending the case to the lab, the shipping times your account is set up for and the amount of time required for the procedure you have selected. If you need to rush a case, charges may apply, please add a note on the case with the date you are hoping to receive the case back by. We will accommodate rushes whenever possible. We also encourage you to enter the Patient’s Appointment date and time whenever possible.

How can I see a list of all the cases I have at True Function?

From the DDX home page, select “Go to My Partner” and click True Function laboratory. Then from the Cases drop down, select Open Cases. This is a list of all currently open cases.

Can I view tracking numbers for my cases?

Absolutely! In the case the tracking number will show up under “Tracking Ref#”. This is a clickable link that will take you to the carrier’s website to see the tracking status.

If I enter a case that we will send digital scans for, do I need to do anything else?

Yes, please enter another procedure for Digital Model Printed.

Billing Questions:

Where can I find an invoice for a specific case?

Once you are in the case and the case has been invoiced, an Invoice number will show next to the case number. Click on the blue number and the invoice will open.

Can I have invoices and/or statements emailed to a specific email address?

Absolutely! You will just need to sent that email address up as a user. Follow the user instruction above. Under the Email Subscriptions part of the user set up, check the boxes for Invoices and/or Statements depending on what you need. You may also want to edit their Lab Permissions. If you just want them to receive notification and view these documents, you may want to uncheck “New Cases” so they can’t create new cases.

How can I view my Account Balance?

  • From the DDX home page, select “Go to My Partner” and click True Function laboratory.
  • Then click on the Finance drop down and select Account Balance.

Can I see my statements in DDX?

Absolutely! Click the Finance drop down and then Statements.
Feel free to contact TFL with any questions or for help! 619-466-1872