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            Quality Dental Laboratory

            True Function Laboratory is a leader in the dental community. Dentists trust True Function Laboratory to be a quality dental laboratory in TMJ Bruxism, Sleep Appliances, Nightguards, Orthodontics, Crown & Bridge, Removables and Customer Service.

            Here is what our doctors are saying about True Function Laboratory:

            “My experiences with True Function Lab are always exceptional. The owner, Frank Madrigal, takes pride in his work and makes himself available for questions and comments. The customer service, fit and accuracy of the appliances and communication has made it very easy to do business with them.”
            -Dr. Balatgek

            “Knowledgable lab technicians… quality… always there for me. True Function Lab’s work is unmatched, superior!”
            -Dr. Jolley

            “I have used True Function Lab for years… always good… makes many custom appliances for me… customer service is great!”
            -Dr. Johnson

            “I have used other labs in the past and they don’t compare. I wear True Function Lab appliances myself and would highly recommend them. Frank has your best interest at heart.”
            -Dr Chrisman